Infotone – A place to recycle your ink cartridges for cash!

Ink cartridges are one of the most under recycled items in the industry today. This comes as a big shock when we consider how easy it is to recycle your old ink cartridges. There are many recycling companies who now offer to pick up your cartridges for free and will also offer a small payment to take them from you.

Such recycling companies will then take the old ink cartridges and recycle all of the parts to be used in new compatible ink cartridges. Therefore consumers will not only make money by recycling their unwanted ink cartridges but can also save money when purchasing replacement cartridges as cheaper alternatives are then available. In many cases, particularly with professional quality printers, the price of a new set of ink cartridges is more than a new printer itself! Therefore, there needs to be a shift in the mind-set when it comes to ink cartridges before everyone looks to ‘auto-fill’ (CISS) systems. However, recycling ink cartridges, meaning they become available at a lower price to consumers, could be the fix that the industry needs to eventually lower the costs of printing.

Infotone are a recycling factory who offer a buying service to consumers and will pick up their old ink cartridges for free whilst offering a small amount of money to purchase the old cartridges. At Info Tone consumers are given the choice of Marks & Spencer vouchers, cash or a donation to charity as payment methods which allows consumers a flexibility of payments which also providing the utmost incentive to recycle their old cartridges.

Infotone will take all leading printing brand cartridges and will allow you to mix and match different brands/ printer types to reach their 5 cartridge minimum. Payment can then take up to three weeks to arrive if you choose to receive cash/vouchers. This is therefore a perfect solution for both individuals with home computers but also businesses who operate industrial/ office printers.

For more information on how to recycle your old printing cartridges with Infotone you can check out their recycling page at and fill out their online form.

However, if you know of any other online or offline companies who will offer cash for old ink cartridges please feel free to comment below. Please include a location of the company is offline only!

Which electronics can be recycled and where to recycle them?

With the pace at which technology has been improving, it seems that there is a new gadget on the market every week.  Many people often change and upgrade smaller electronics such as music devices and mobile phones every couple months.  Items such as laptops, computers and televisions, however seem to be traded in and upgraded annually or every few years.  The problem consumers often encounter is figuring out how to be eco-friendly and recycle their old electronics.


Any electronics that are discarded are referred to as e-waste and it is very important to recycle them.  This is because e-waste is the most rapidly growing segment of the modern waste stream.  There are many valuable components such as gold, aluminium, copper, silver, plastics, and other metals in the circuit boards which are practically worthless in terms of the amount on one computer board; however in bulk it is very profitable.  There are also many toxic materials as well, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals which are poisonous to humans if they leak into the water system.  For this reason it is paramount that people begin to recycle their e-waste.  Companies that buy the used electronics can reuse parts; which conserve natural resources by extracting the individual elements and protect the environment from the harmful chemicals.

Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile phone recycling has grown into such a phenomenon that there is a whole sector just dedicated to phone recycling now. There are many options for recycling old mobile phones depending on where you live, however; if there are no electronic recycling centers near your home, there is always the option of doing so online.  There are many websites such as that offer mobile phone recycling services.  These types of websites will often give you options for mobile phones where you select the make and model of your phone.  After this, they will ask you a series of questions via an online form which you can fill out to help determine the value of your phone.  Instead of simply trading in your old mobile phone, you can recycle it and earn some money.  When old mobile phones are recycled, the companies that buy them will disassemble them and reuse parts that work, then melt down the junk parts and recycle them or sell simply disassemble these parts and resell them in bulk to other companies which can reuse the products.

From Computers to Televisions

If you need to recycle old laptops or televisions there is also, always the option to recycle them at local recycling centers.  There may not always be centers near you, but not to worry, there are also many websites such as which give a similar screening process as the mobile phone sites in order to assign a value to your old electronics.  Laptops, computers, and televisions are often recycled in the same manner as old mobile phones.  They will normally be disassembled and broken down to their core components. The parts that are reusable or need minor repairs will be used to repair other laptops or televisions which will then be resold as refurbished. The parts that are not usable will be melted down to their original forms and be remoulded into new parts.

Remember, you can always go on the internet to sell your old electronics and recycle them or use the internet to find local recycling stations, which may or may not give you money for your old products.  Many computer and cell phone repair stores will sometimes offer to buy old mobile phones, computers, laptops, and televisions.  Be conscientious and recycle your e-waste.

If you know of any electronic recycling centers in your local area post them below with your area or locality so we can see where are the easiest places to recycle.

Proctor & Gamble Announce ZERO Waste

Goods manufacturing firm Proctor & Gamble have announced they are now sending ZERO waste to landfill across 45 of it’s operating sites and this includes 5 sites across the UK. Proctor & Gamble are a giant when it comes to many household brands with brands such as pampers and Duracell and they operate in the UK with 15 sites.

We have also learned that the compnay are now sending less than 1% waste to landill worldwide. This represent a reduction of almost 70% in the past 5 years of trading.

Bob McDonald, chief executive Proctor & Gamble, said: “We have a vision for the future, where plants are powered by renewable energy, products are made from recycled and renewable materials and resources are conserved, with no manufacturing or consumer waste going to landfill.

Very impressive or what!