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Infotone – A place to recycle your ink cartridges for cash!

Ink cartridges are one of the most under recycled items in the industry today. This comes as a big shock when we consider how easy it is to recycle your old ink cartridges. There are many recycling companies who now offer to pick up your cartridges for free and will also offer a small payment to take them from you.

Such recycling companies will then take the old ink cartridges and recycle all of the parts to be used in new compatible ink cartridges. Therefore consumers will not only make money by recycling their unwanted ink cartridges but can also save money when purchasing replacement cartridges as cheaper alternatives are then available. In many cases, particularly with professional quality printers, the price of a new set of ink cartridges is more than a new printer itself! Therefore, there needs to be a shift in the mind-set when it comes to ink cartridges before everyone looks to ‘auto-fill’ (CISS) systems. However, recycling ink cartridges, meaning they become available at a lower price to consumers, could be the fix that the industry needs to eventually lower the costs of printing.

Infotone are a recycling factory who offer a buying service to consumers and will pick up their old ink cartridges for free whilst offering a small amount of money to purchase the old cartridges. At Info Tone consumers are given the choice of Marks & Spencer vouchers, cash or a donation to charity as payment methods which allows consumers a flexibility of payments which also providing the utmost incentive to recycle their old cartridges.

Infotone will take all leading printing brand cartridges and will allow you to mix and match different brands/ printer types to reach their 5 cartridge minimum. Payment can then take up to three weeks to arrive if you choose to receive cash/vouchers. This is therefore a perfect solution for both individuals with home computers but also businesses who operate industrial/ office printers.

For more information on how to recycle your old printing cartridges with Infotone you can check out their recycling page at and fill out their online form.

However, if you know of any other online or offline companies who will offer cash for old ink cartridges please feel free to comment below. Please include a location of the company is offline only!

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recycle ink cartridges

A good share of the public domain is faithful to recycling anything and everything that they possibly can for the benefit of the environment. Sell ink cartridges for cash and do your part to recycle empty ink jet cartridges. Recycled ink cartridges sell for less retail then do new ink cartridges and there is no difference in the quality of print or their use. It is costly to manufacture new ink cartridges. It Takes only cents to refill and recycle used ink cartridges.

 Sell ink cartridges to collectors who will pay cash for empty ink cartridges in the UK. The money earned from these empty cartridges make a good fund raiser for schools and or organizations, or even for the individual themselves. This is a highly environmentally friendly project and does it’s share in helping to decrease the millions of empty cartridges at land waste sites. Continue Reading →

recycle ink cartridges for cash

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OK, so lets talk money. There are lots of ink cartridge brands such as Canon , HP , Dell & Lexmark, all these manufacturers produce several models of cartridge which all have different value to them as recyclers. They strongly recommend you check their current price list in order to check the value of your cartridge.

Which Empty Ink Cartridges Do They Recycle ? Continue Reading →