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The switchover to digital TV is starting to happen in some parts of the country between this year which may leave some people with an unwanted TV set in their homes. Unfortunately the very popular recycling comparison site does not know places to get cash for tvs and we do not know of any places where to recycle tvs and get cash either, but there are many places that will take them.  Recycling centres around the country will take your old TV set off you and its encouraging to know that almost 100% of the parts inside a TV can be recycled.

Most household recycling centres in the UK are prepared to receive more old TVs than normal at the time of the switch over in their area. North Devon’s Household Recycling Centres saw a 30% increase in the amount of TVs being recycled when the analogue signals were switch off in the area.

The worst thing anyone could do is to put an old TV set in the bin as there is some have heavy shielding around the CRT which protects you from radiation when watching it.

Of course many people will not have to change their TV set for a new one as options are available to reuse the old one. These options include getting a digital set top box (Freeview) or by subscribing with satellite or cable TV. Ideally if an old TV set can be reused that would be much better than recycling the old one.

SWEEEP is a Specialist Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Processor.

They will help you comply with new legislation that affects you as a business, waste management company or a householder by providing a complete service for the collection, processing and remarketing of WEEE.

Alternatively you can search your local recycling center here

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