Where to Recycle Cardboard

cardboard recyclingWe have a query in from Tracy stating that they are a flooring company and would like to know if you or another company that you are aware of or would take carpet cardboard tubes away for recyling. If you do please can you let me know.



Please contact tracy.samaxflooring@hotmail.co.uk]

Many businesses find cardboard a bulky material that makes up a large proportion of their waste.

Recycling your cardboard:

  •  Does not incur landfill tax so can save your business money.
  • Saves resources. Recycling 1 tonne of cardboard can save up to 17 trees.
  • 9 million tonnes of cardboard and paper are used in the UK each year.
  • Otherwise For details on charges and uplifts please telephone the Environment Service Helpline on 01738 476476 or email recycle@pkc.gov.uk

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