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Recycle Batteries

Most electronic devices require some sort of battery, ranging from your laptop computer to a digital camera and mobile phone. Of course, over time these batteries do fail, requiring you to replace the battery, if you want to continue using the equipment. However, the batteries have dangerous components in them, that can polite the local water supply, should you just toss the batteries into the trash. As the batteries begin to deteriorate and break down, the interior contents leak out, and when it rains, the dangerous liquid is washed down into the local water source. To prevent this from ever occurring, you need to recycle batteries once the life time is up. Thankfully, there are several different locations available for recycling batteries, none of which are going to charge you a dime.

 Stop by your local electronics shop. Most locations that sell electronics also take back batteries. You might want to call ahead, just to make sure though, as you don’t want to make the drive out, just to discover the facility does not collect batteries. Many of these stores have boxes at the front doors, where you can discard the used batteries into the boxes. You don’t need a receipt or any other statement, just toss the batteries into the box and be on your way. Some stores do organize the batteries they take in, so if multiple boxes are present, make sure you recycle the battery with the correct grouping (such as “Laptop,” “Digital Camera” or “Mobile Phone”).

 Contact a local school system. Some schools recycle outside equipment, such as batteries and printer cartridges. They are often paid in order to recycle batteries. This is a good way to help bring in extra money into the local school, and most schools can always use the extra funding. It isn’t a great deal of money, but every little bit counts. Always call ahead though, because most schools, if the front doors are even unlocked, don’t like visitors, especially when the visitor doesn’t have any children attending the school.

 A third option is to mail the batteries in. When looking only for recycle locations, there are many online facilities that pay for your shipping, allowing you to mil off the batteries to them. Simply print out the provided postage and adhere the contents to an envelope and mail it out. The company is able to properly recycle the content for you.

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